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Kam, Z. The reconstruction of structure from electron micrographs of randomly oriented particles. Journal of theoretical biology, 1980, 82, 15-39


A new method for enhancing and reconstructing the three dimensional structure of randomly oriented particles from their electron micrographs is developed. The method requires as an input many pictures of randomly oriented identical particles. The analysis is based on the calculation and accumulation of the spatial correlation of the densities on the electron micrographs, from which the spherical harmonic coefficients of the structure can be found. The process of enhancement of the spatial correlation and the averaging out of background noise enables reconstructions by use of pictures with low signal-to-noise ratio. The theory is presented and implemented in a computer program package. Simulated electron micrographs of ellipses, rods and a model of hexameric glutamate dehydrogenase are analyzed to demonstrate reconstructions using the computer programs.




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