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van Marle J, Dietrich A, Jonges K, Jonges R, de Moor E, Vink A, Boon P, van Veen H (1995) EM-tomography of section collapse, a nonlinear phenomenon. Microsc Res Tech 31:311–316


Using back projection for reconstruction and tilt series of Epon or Lowicryl embedded and sectioned material, we demonstrated: (1) a reduction in thickness of 50% for Epon and 80% for Lowicryl sections, and (2) a non-uniform density distribution along the electron-optical axis in sections. The highest density was found at the vacuum exposed side of the section. The formvar side of the section showed a similar increase in density, but not to the same extent. Minimalization of electron exposure, even without pre-exposure, did not affect the reconstructed thickness, nor did it affect the non-uniform density distribution. However, parallax measurements showed that at 150K, collapse of Epon sections does not take place. For EM-tomography of plastic embedded material our findings imply that at the top and bottom portion of the sections the dimensions of the reconstructed structures are distorted, but that in the middle portion the dimensions are reliably retained.


Sample preparation, sample damage


Article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7549005

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