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Carragher B, Whittaker M, Milligan RA (1996) Helical processing using PHOELIX. J Struct Biol 116:107–112

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We describe here a set of procedures and algorithms for helical processing that we refer to as the PHOELIX package. The package was developed to provide a time-efficient and semiautomated method for determining a three-dimensional density map from a specimen with helical symmetry. The procedures which are part of PHOELIX are drawn from the original MRC helical processing suite with extensions principally developed using the SUPRIM image processing package. The package in its current form has been optimized for the processing of actomyosin filaments but has been modified and applied to other helical structures.


Helical particles, software package


Article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8742731

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