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Chen H, Hughes DD, Chan TA, Sedat JW, and Agard DA. IVE (Image Visualization Environment): a software platform for all three-dimensional microscopy applications. Journal of Structural Biology 1996, 116, 56-60.


IVE (Image Visualization Environment) is a software platform designed from the outset to handle all aspects of modern computerized multidimensional microscopy. This platform provides users with an execution environment in which 5D data (XYZ, wavelength, and time) can be easily manipulated for the purpose of data collection, processing, display, and analysis. During the entire process, powerful data display functions are readily available for extracting complicated three-dimensional information through data visualization. By employing both the shared memory and multitasking features of the UNIX operation system, individual functions can be implemented as separate programs, and multiple programs can access the same data pool simultaneously. This enables users to combine the functionalities of different programs to facilitate each unique data analysis task. Furthermore, by defining an appropriate program execution model, commonly shared functional components such as data display, data I/O and user interface, etc. can be implemented using simple IVE library calls. This dramatically reduces the program development time and ensures consistency throughout the entire software system. As a result, users can quickly master the microscopy software system and new functions can be easily integrated, as different functional requirements arise for different research projects.



Article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1006/jsbi.1996.0010

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