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Ziese U, Geerts WJ, Krift TPVD, Verkleij AJ, Koster AJ (2003) Correction of autofocusing errors due to specimen tilt for automated electron tomography. J Microsc 211:179–185


Transmission electron microscopy images acquired under tilted-beam conditions experience an image shift as a function of defocus settings - a fact that is exploited as a method for defocus determination in most of the automated tomography data collection systems. Although the method was shown to be highly accurate for a large variety of specimens, we point out that in its original design it can strictly only be applied to images of untilted samples. The application to tilted samples and thus in automated electron tomography is impaired mainly due to a defocus change across the images, resulting in reduced accuracy. In this communication we present a method that can be used to improve the accuracy of the basic autofocusing procedures currently used in systems for automated electron tomography.


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Article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12887712

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