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Wong, H. C.; Chen, J.; Mouche, F.; Rouiller, I. & Bern, M. Model-based particle picking for cryo-electron microscopy J. Structural Biology, 2004, 145, 157-167


We describe an algorithm for finding particle images in cryo-EM micrographs. The algorithm starts from a crude 3D map of the target particle, computed from a relatively small number of manually picked images, and then projects the map in many different directions to give synthetic 2D templates. The templates are clustered and averaged and then cross-correlated with the micrographs. A probabilistic model of the imaging process then scores cross-correlation peaks to produce the final picks. We give quantitative results on two quite different target particles: keyhole limpet hemocyanin and p97 AAA ATPase. On these particles our automatic particle picker shows human performance level, as measured by the Fourier shell correlations of 3D reconstructions.


Automatic particle picking, template based



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