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Boudier T, Lechaire JP, Frebourg G, Messaoudi C, Mory C, Colliex C, Gaill F, Marco S (2005) A public software for energy Wltering transmission electron tomography (EFTET-J): application to the study of granular inclusions in bacteria from Riftia pachyptila. J Struct Biol 151:151–159

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Energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) allows the determination of elemental distributions out of a sequence of energy filtered images. Combined with electron tomography, EFTEM is a powerful tool to obtain three-dimensional chemical maps from sub-cellular structures. However, there is no existing software in the public-domain for the computation and analysis of 3D-chemical maps. Here, we present a Java-based program to compute 3D-elemental distribution. This program is available as a set of plug-ins for the public-domain Java image processing program Image J inspired by NIH Image. Its implemented algorithms have been successfully applied to the three-dimensional localization of iron granules in semi thin (200 nm) epon sections from the vent worm Riftia pachyptalia.


Chemical mapping, energy loss electron tomography


Article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15979897

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