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Dubowy, J. N. & Herman, G. T. An approach to the correction of distance-dependent defocus in electron microscopic reconstruction IEEE Intl. Conf. on Image Processing, ICIP 2005, 2005, 3, 748-51

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The process of object reconstruction from its projections is widely used in many �elds. One of the applications of reconstruction from projections is in electron microscopy. Various methods have been de- veloped for correction of blurring that occurs when the projections are obtained by a real instrument. As the attainable resolution increases, new issues become apparent and need to be taken into account in the imaging model. In this review we concentrate on the contrast transfer function and its impact on the quality and usefulness of the reconstruc- tions from images obtained by today's electron microscopes.


CTF correction, space variant CTF, distance dependent CTF


Article: http://tr.cs.gc.cuny.edu/tr/files/TR-2008011.pdf

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