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Nickell S, Forster F, Linaroudis A, Net WD, Beck F, Hegerl R, Baumeister W, Plitzko JM (2005) TOM software toolbox: acquisition and analysis for electron tomography. J Struct Biol 149:227–234


Automated data acquisition procedures have changed the perspectives of electron tomography (ET) in a profound manner. Elaborate data acquisition schemes with autotuning functions minimize exposure of the specimen to the electron beam and sophisticated image analysis routines retrieve a maximum of information from noisy data sets. ‘TOM software toolbox’ integrates established algorithms and new concepts tailored to the special needs of low dose ET. It provides a user-friendly unified platform for all processing steps: acquisition, alignment, reconstruction, and analysis. Designed as a collection of computational procedures it is a complete software solution within a highly flexible framework. TOM represents a new way of working with the electron microscope and can serve as the basis for future high-throughput applications.


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Article http://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S104784770400187X

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