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C.O.S.Sorzano, J. Velázquez-Muriel, R. Marabini, G.T. Herman, J.M. Carazo. Volumetric restrictions in 3DEM reconstruction. Pattern Recognition 41: 616-626 (2008)


3D electron microscopy aims at the reconstruction of density volumes corresponding to the electrostatic potential distribution of macromolecules. There are many factors limiting the resolution achievable when this technique is applied to biological macromolecules: microscope imperfections, molecule flexibility, lack of projections from certain directions, unknown angular distribution, noise, etc. In this communication we explore the quality gain in the reconstruction by including a priori knowledge such as particle symmetry, occupied volume, known surface relief, density nonnegativity and similarity to a known volume in order to improve the quality of the reconstruction. If the reconstruction is represented as a series expansion, such constraints can be expressed by set of equations that the expansion coefficients must satisfy. In this work, these equation sets are specified and combined in a novel way with the ART+blobs reconstruction algorithm. The effect of each one on the reconstruction of a realistic phantom is explored. Finally, the application of these restrictions to 3D reconstructions from experimental data are studied.


Symmetry, surface, mass, positivity, constrained reconstruction


Article http://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S0031320307002701

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