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Determination of signal-to-noise ratios and spectral SNRs in cryo-EM low-dose imaging of molecules. Baxter WT, Grassucci RA, Gao H, Frank J. J Struct Biol. 2009 May;166(2):126-32


Attempts to develop efficient classification approaches to the problem of heterogeneity in single-particle reconstruction of macromolecules require phantom data with realistic noise models. We have estimated the signal-to-noise ratios and spectral signal-to-noise ratios for three steps in the electron microscopic image formation from data obtained experimentally. An important result is that structural noise, i.e., the irreproducible component of the object prior to image formation, is substantial, and of the same order of magnitude as the reproducible signal. Based on this result, the noise modeling for testing new classification techniques can be improved.


cryo Electron Microscopy, Noise Characterization



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