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Biswas A, Si D, Al Nasr K, Ranjan D, Zubair M, He J. Improved efficiency in cryo-EM secondary structure topology determination from inaccurate data. J Bioinform Comput Biol. 2012 Jun;10(3):1242006


The determination of the secondary structure topology is a critical step in deriving the atomic structure from the protein density map obtained from electron cryo-microscopy technique. This step often relies on the matching of two sources of information. One source comes from the secondary structures detected from the protein density map at the medium resolution, such as 5-10 Å. The other source comes from the predicted secondary structures from the amino acid sequence. Due to the inaccuracy in either source of information, a pool of possible secondary structure positions needs to be sampled. This paper studies the question, that is, how to reduce the computation of the mapping when the inaccuracy of the secondary structure predictions is considered. We present a method that combines the concept of dynamic graph with our previous work of using constrained shortest path to identify the topology of the secondary structures. We show a reduction of 34.55% of run-time as comparison to the naïve way of handling the inaccuracies. We also show an improved accuracy when the potential secondary structure errors are explicitly sampled verses the use of one consensus prediction. Our framework demonstrated the potential of developing computationally effective exact algorithms to identify the optimal topology of the secondary structures when the inaccuracy of the predicted data is considered.




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