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Kováčik, L.; Kerïeche, S.; Höög, J. L.; Jůda, P.; Matula, P. & Raška, I. A simple Fourier filter for suppression of the missing wedge ray artefacts in single-axis electron tomographic reconstructions. J. Structural Biology, 2014


The limited specimen tilting range that is typically available in electron tomography gives rise to a region in the Fourier space of the reconstructed object where experimental data are unavailable - the missing wedge. Since this region is sharply delimited from the area of available data, the reconstructed signal is typically hampered by convolution with its impulse response, which gives rise to the well-known missing wedge artefacts in 3D reconstructions. Despite the recent progress in the field of reconstruction and regularization techniques, the missing wedge artefacts remain untreated in most current reconstruction workflows in structural biology. Therefore we have designed a simple Fourier angular filter that effectively suppresses the ray artefacts in the single-axis tilting projection acquisition scheme, making single-axis tomographic reconstructions easier to interpret in particular at low signal-to-noise ratio in acquired projections. The proposed filter can be easily incorporated into current electron tomographic reconstruction schemes.


Removal of wedge artefacts, missing wedge



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