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Maiorca, M.; Millet, C.; Hanssen, E.; Abbey, B.; Kazmierczak, E. & Tilley, L. Local regularization of tilt projections reduces artifacts in electron tomography. J Struct Biol, 2014, 186, 28-37


Electron tomography produces very high resolution 3D image volumes useful for investigating the structure and function of cellular components. Unfortunately, unavoidable discontinuities and physical constraints in the acquisition geometry lead to a range of artifacts that can affect the reconstructed image. In particular, highly electron dense regions, such as gold nanoparticles, can hide proximal biological structures and degrade the overall quality of the reconstructed tomograms. In this work we introduce a pre-reconstruction non-conservative non-linear isotropic diffusion (NID) filter that automatically identifies and reduces local irregularities in the tilt projections. We illustrate the improvement in quality obtained using this approach for reconstructed tomograms generated from samples of malaria parasite-infected red blood cells. A quantitative and qualitative evaluation for our approach on both simulated and real data is provided.




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