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Abrishami, V.; Bilbao-Castro, J. R.; Vargas, J.; Marabini, R.; Carazo, J. M. & Sorzano, C. O. S. A fast iterative convolution weighting approach for gridding-based direct Fourier three-dimensional reconstruction with correction for the contrast transfer function. Ultramicroscopy, 2015, 157, 79-87


We describe a fast and accurate method for the reconstruction of macromolecular complexes from a set of projections. Direct Fourier inversion (in which the Fourier Slice Theorem plays a central role) is a solution for dealing with this inverse problem. Unfortunately, the set of projections provides a non-equidistantly sampled version of the macromolecule Fourier transform in the single particle field (and, therefore, a direct Fourier inversion) may not be an optimal solution. In this paper, we introduce a gridding-based direct Fourier method for the three-dimensional reconstruction approach that uses a weighting technique to compute a uniform sampled Fourier transform. Moreover, the contrast transfer function of the microscope, which is a limiting factor in pursuing a high resolution reconstruction, is corrected by the algorithm. Parallelization of this algorithm, both on threads and on multiple CPU's, makes the process of three-dimensional reconstruction even faster. The experimental results show that our proposed gridding-based direct Fourier reconstruction is slightly more accurate than similar existing methods and presents a lower computational complexity both in terms of time and memory, thereby allowing its use on larger volumes. The algorithm is fully implemented in the open-source Xmipp package and is downloadable from http://xmipp.cnb.csic.es.




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