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Chiu, P.-L.; Li, X.; Li, Z.; Beckett, B.; Brilot, A. F.; Grigorieff, N.; Agard, D. A.; Cheng, Y. & Walz, T. Evaluation of super-resolution performance of the K2 electron-counting camera using 2D crystals of aquaporin-0. J Struct Biol, 2015, 192, 163-173


The K2 Summit camera was initially the only commercially available direct electron detection camera that was optimized for high-speed counting of primary electrons and was also the only one that implemented centroiding so that the resolution of the camera can be extended beyond the Nyquist limit set by the physical pixel size. In this study, we used well-characterized two-dimensional crystals of the membrane protein aquaporin-0 to characterize the performance of the camera below and beyond the physical Nyquist limit and to measure the influence of electron dose rate on image amplitudes and phases.




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