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Scheres, S. H. (2015). Semi-automated selection of cryo-EM particles in RELION-1.3. Journal of structural biology, 189(2), 114-122.


The selection of particles suitable for high-resolution cryo-EM structure determination from noisy micrographs may represent a tedious and time-consuming step. Here, a semi-automated particle selection procedure is presented that has been implemented within the open-source software RELION. At the heart of the procedure lies a fully CTF-corrected template-based picking algorithm, which is supplemented by a fast sorting algorithm and reference-free 2D class averaging to remove false positives. With only limited user-interaction, the proposed procedure yields results that are comparable to manual particle selection. Together with an improved graphical user interface, these developments further contribute to turning RELION from a stand-alone refinement program into a convenient image processing pipeline for the entire single-particle approach.


Electron cryo-microscopySingle-particle analysisAutomated particle picking



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