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Deng, Y.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, S.; Zhang, F. & Sun, F. ICON: 3D reconstruction with 'missing-information' restoration in biological electron tomography. J. Structural Biology, 2016, 195, 100-112


Electron tomography (ET) plays an important role in revealing biological structures, ranging from macromolecular to subcellular scale. Due to limited tilt angles, ET reconstruction always suffers from the 'missing wedge' artifacts, thus severely weakens the further biological interpretation. In this work, we developed an algorithm called Iterative Compressed-sensing Optimized Non-uniform fast Fourier transform reconstruction (ICON) based on the theory of compressed-sensing and the assumption of sparsity of biological specimens. ICON can significantly restore the missing information in comparison with other reconstruction algorithms. More importantly, we used the leave-one-out method to verify the validity of restored information for both simulated and experimental data. The significant improvement in sub-tomogram averaging by ICON indicates its great potential in the future application of high-resolution structural determination of macromolecules in situ.




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