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C.O.S. Sorzano, A. Martín-Ramos, F. Prieto, R. Melero, J. Martín-Benito, S. Jonic, J. Navas-Calvente, J. Vargas, J. Otón, V. Abrishami, J.M. de la Rosa-Trevín, J. Gómez-Blanco, J.L. Vilas, R. Marabini, J.M. Carazo. Local analysis of strains and rotations for macromolecular electron microscopy maps. J. Structural Biology, 195: 123-128 (2016)


Macromolecular complexes perform their physiological functions by local rearrangements of their constituents and biochemically interacting with their reaction partners. These rearrangements may involve local rotations and the induction of local strains causing different mechanical efforts and stretches at the different areas of the protein. The analysis of these local deformations may reveal important insight into the way proteins perform their tasks. In this paper we introduce a method to perform this kind of local analysis using Electron Microscopy volumes in a fully objective and automatic manner. For doing so, we exploit the continuous nature of the result of an elastic image registration using B-splines as its basis functions. We show that the results obtained by the new automatic method are consistent with previous observations on these macromolecules.




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