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Anderson, K. L.; Page, C.; Swift, M. F.; Hanein, D. & Volkmann, N. Marker-free method for accurate alignment between correlated light, cryo-light, and electron cryo-microscopy data using sample support features. Journal of structural biology, 2018, 201, 46-51


Combining fluorescence microscopy with electron cryo-tomography allows, in principle, spatial localization of tagged macromolecular assemblies and structural features within the cellular environment. To allow precise localization and scale integration between the two disparate imaging modalities, accurate alignment procedures are needed. Here, we describe a marker-free method for aligning images from light or cryo-light fluorescence microscopy and from electron cryo-microscopy that takes advantage of sample support features, namely the holes in the carbon film. We find that the accuracy of this method, as judged by prediction errors of the hole center coordinates, is better than 100 nm.




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