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Cianfrocco, M. A.; Lahiri, I.; DiMaio, F. and Leschziner, A. E. cryoem-cloud-tools: A software platform to deploy and manage cryo-EM jobs in the cloud. Journal of structural biology, 2018, 203, 230-235


Access to streamlined computational resources remains a significant bottleneck for new users of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). To address this, we have developed tools that will submit cryo-EM analysis routines and atomic model building jobs directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) from a local computer or laptop. These new software tools ("cryoem-cloud-tools") have incorporated optimal data movement, security, and cost-saving strategies, giving novice users access to complex cryo-EM data processing pipelines. Integrating these tools into the RELION processing pipeline and graphical user interface we determined a 2.2 Å structure of ß-galactosidase in ∼55 h on AWS. We implemented a similar strategy to submit Rosetta atomic model building and refinement to AWS. These software tools dramatically reduce the barrier for entry of new users to cloud computing for cryo-EM and are freely available at cryoem-tools.cloud.




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