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Shuo, Y.; Zhang, B.; Shen, H. & Yang, Y. NCEM: Network structural similarity metric-based clustering for noisy cryo-EM single particle images Proc. Chinese Automation Congress (CAC), 2018 , 1303-1308


Cryo-EM single particle image reconstruction is currently a powerful technique for revealing the structure of biomacromolecules. Compared to traditional structural biology techniques like X-Ray, it requires fewer restrictions on specimens and is highly efficient with image processing tools. In this single particle reconstruction protocol, the ultimate goal is to identify different particle projection orientations. Since the picked single particle images are highly noisy, clustering is an important step to refrain noise by dividing images with similar projection angles into groups and averaging these images. The goal of clustering analysis is to assign similar particles into same class, so similarity measurement between particles is an important part in all clustering algorithms. Directly measuring the similarity of two particle images will be unreliable due to their low SNR. In this study, we propose a novel network structural similarity metric-based clustering algorithm NCEM for clustering the single particle images. We first construct a complex network for all particle images, where each node represents a particle. Then calculating the similarity between two nodes using structural similarity. This new network-based single particle image similarity metric has advantages over direct measurement for its noise resistance by using the structural information of the network. Our experiments on both artificial and experimental datasets demonstrate its effectiveness.




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