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Terwilliger, T. C.; Adams, P. D.; Afonine, P. V. & Sobolev, O. V. A fully automatic method yielding initial models from high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy maps. Nature methods, 2018, 15, 905-908


We report a fully automated procedure for the optimization and interpretation of reconstructions from cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) data, available in Phenix as phenix.map_to_model. We applied our approach to 476 datasets with resolution of 4.5 Å or better, including reconstructions of 47 ribosomes and 32 other protein-RNA complexes. The median fraction of residues in the deposited structures reproduced automatically was 71% for reconstructions determined at resolutions of 3 Å or better and 47% for those at resolutions worse than 3 Å.




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