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Chreifi, G.; Chen, S.; Metskas, L. A.; Kaplan, M. & Jensen, G. J. Rapid tilt-series acquisition for electron cryotomography. Journal of structural biology, 2019, 205, 163-169


Using a new Titan Krios stage equipped with a single-axis holder, we developed two methods to accelerate the collection of tilt-series. We demonstrate a continuous-tilting method that can record a tilt-series in seconds, but with loss of details finer than ∼4 nm. We also demonstrate a fast-incremental method that can record a tilt-series several-fold faster than current methods and with similar resolution. We characterize the utility of both methods in real biological electron cryotomography workflows. We identify opportunities for further improvements in hardware and software and speculate on the impact such advances could have on structural biology.




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