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Schorb, M.; Haberbosch, I.; Hagen, W. J. H.; Schwab, Y. & Mastronarde, D. N. Software tools for automated transmission electron microscopy. Nature methods, 2019, 16, 471-477


The demand for high-throughput data collection in electron microscopy is increasing for applications in structural and cellular biology. Here we present a combination of software tools that enable automated acquisition guided by image analysis for a variety of transmission electron microscopy acquisition schemes. SerialEM controls microscopes and detectors and can trigger automated tasks at multiple positions with high flexibility. Py-EM interfaces with SerialEM to enact specimen-specific image-analysis pipelines that enable feedback microscopy. As example applications, we demonstrate dose reduction in cryo-electron microscopy experiments, fully automated acquisition of every cell in a plastic section and automated targeting on serial sections for 3D volume imaging across multiple grids.




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