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Beckers, M.; Sachse, C. Permutation testing of Fourier shell correlation for resolution estimation of cryo-EM maps. J. Structural Biology, 2020, 212, 107579


Fourier shell correlation (FSC) has become a standard quantity for resolution estimation in electron cryo-microscopy. However, the resolution determination step is still subjective and not fully automated as it involves a series of map interventions before FSC computation and includes the selection of a common threshold. Here, we apply the statistical methods of permutation testing and false discovery rate (FDR) control to the resolution-dependent correlation measure. The approach allows fully automated and mask-free resolution determination based on statistical thresholding of FSC curves. We demonstrate the applicability for global, local and directional resolution estimation and show that the developed criterion termed FDR-FSC gives realistic resolution estimates based on statistical significance while eliminating the need of any map manipulations. The algorithms are implemented in a user-friendly GUI based software tool termed SPoC (https://github.com/MaximilianBeckers/SPOC).




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