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Bromberg, R.; Guo, Y.; Borek, D., Otwinowski, Z. High-resolution cryo-EM reconstructions in the presence of substantial aberrations. IUCrJ, 202, 7, 445-452


Here, an analysis is performed of how uncorrected antisymmetric aberrations, such as coma and trefoil, affect cryo-EM single-particle reconstruction (SPR) results, and an analytical formula quantifying information loss owing to their presence is inferred that explains why Fourier-shell coefficient-based statistics may report significantly overestimated resolution if these aberrations are not fully corrected. The analysis is validated with reference-based aberration refinement for two cryo-EM SPR data sets acquired with a 200 kV microscope in the presence of coma exceeding 40 µm, and 2.3 and 2.7 Å reconstructions for 144 and 173 kDa particles, respectively, were obtained. The results provide a description of an efficient approach for assessing information loss in cryo-EM SPR data acquired in the presence of higher order aberrations, and address inconsistent guidelines regarding the level of aberrations that is acceptable in cryo-EM SPR experiments.




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