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Costa, M. G. S.; Fagnen, C.; Vénien-Bryan, C.; Perahia, D. A New Strategy for Atomic Flexible Fitting in Cryo-EM Maps by Molecular Dynamics with Excited Normal Modes (MDeNM-EMfit). Journal of chemical information and modeling, 2020, 60, 2419-2423


Previous studies demonstrated the efficiency of the Molecular Dynamics with excited Normal Modes (MDeNM) method on the characterization of large structural changes at a low computational cost. We present here MDeNM-EMfit, an extension of the original method designed to the flexible fit of structures into cryo-EM maps. Here, instead of a uniform exploration of the collective motions described by normal modes, sampling is directed toward conformations with increased correlations with the experimental map. Future perspectives to improve the accuracy of fitting and speed of calculations are discussed in light of the results.




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