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Egelman, E. H. Cryo-EM: Ice Is Nice, but Good Ice Can Be Hard to Find. Biophysical journal, 2020, 118, 1238-1239


[From the text] What conclusions follow from these surprising observations? The main one is probably that methods that rely upon the classical approach of thinning films using filter paper are doomed to inconsistent and not necessarily reproducible results. Because the actual and potential problems associated with this method of preparing cryo-EM grids have been apparent for some time, attempts are currently being made to use very different approaches. Although no one expects that such new approaches will have the same impact on cryo-EM as the introduction of direct electron detectors, these new approaches may dramatically improve the throughput in cryo-EM and reduce the amount of expertise currently needed to reach near-atomic resolution for macromolecular complexes.




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