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Vilas, J. L.; Tagare, H. D.; Vargas, J.; Carazo, J. M. & Sorzano, C. O. S. Measuring local-directional resolution and local anisotropy in cryo-EM maps. Nature communications, 2020 , 11 , 55


The introduction of local resolution has enormously helped the understanding of cryo-EM maps. Still, for any given pixel it is a global, aggregated value, that makes impossible the individual analysis of the contribution of the different projection directions. We introduce MonoDir, a fully automatic, parameter-free method that, starting only from the final cryo-EM map, decomposes local resolution into the different projection directions, providing a detailed level of analysis of the final map. Many applications of directional local resolution are possible, and we concentrate here on map quality and validation.




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