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Vilas, JL, Heymann, JB, Tagare, H, Ramirez-Aportela, E, Carazo, JM, Sorzano, COS. Local resolution estimates of cryoEM reconstructions. Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 64, 74-78, 2020


The field of cryoEM has quickly advanced in last years with the new biochemical, technological, methodological and computational developments. It has allowed significant progresses in Structural Biology, typically reaching quasi-atomic resolutions in the reconstructed maps. However, this rapid advance has also generated new questions relevant to resolution estimates. The global resolution metrics and their criteria have been deeply discussed in the last decade, but despite that, it remains as an important issue in the field. Recently, the introduction of local resolution measurements has changed how cryoEM reconstructions are interpreted, providing information about the existence of heterogeneity, flexibility, and angular assignment errors, and using it as a tool to aid in modeling. In this review we revisit the concept of local resolution and the different algorithms in the current state of the art. However, the concept of local resolution is not uniquely defined, and each implementation measures different features. This may lead to inappropriate interpretation of local resolution maps. Hence, a set of good practices is provided in this review to avoid misleading and over-interpretation of the reconstructions.




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