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Tegunov, D.; Xue, L.; Dienemann, C.; Cramer, P. & Mahamid, J. Multi-particle cryo-EM refinement with M visualizes ribosome-antibiotic complex at 3.5 Å in cells. Nature Methods, 2021, 18, 186-193


Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) enables macromolecular structure determination in vitro and inside cells. In addition to aligning individual particles, accurate registration of sample motion and three-dimensional deformation during exposures are crucial for achieving high-resolution reconstructions. Here we describe M, a software tool that establishes a reference-based, multi-particle refinement framework for cryo-EM data and couples a comprehensive spatial deformation model to in silico correction of electron-optical aberrations. M provides a unified optimization framework for both frame-series and tomographic tilt-series data. We show that tilt-series data can provide the same resolution as frame-series data on a purified protein specimen, indicating that the alignment step no longer limits the resolution obtainable from tomographic data. In combination with Warp and RELION, M resolves to residue level a 70S ribosome bound to an antibiotic inside intact bacterial cells. Our work provides a computational tool that facilitates structural biology in cells.




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