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Bepler, Tristan / Borst, Andrew J. / Bouvette, Jonathan / Cannone, Giuseppe / Chen, Songye / Cheng, Anchi / Cheng, Ao / Fan, Quanfu / Grollios, Fanis / Gupta, Harshit / Humphreys, T. / Kim, P. T. / Kuang, H. / Li, Y. / Noble, A. J. / Punjani, A. / Rice, W. J. / Sorzano, C. O. S. / Stagg, S. M. / Strauss, J. / Yu, L. / Carragher, B. / Potter, C. S. Smart data collection for CryoEM. 2022. J. Structural Biology, Vol. 214, No. 4. p. 107913


This report provides an overview of the discussions, presentations, and consensus thinking from the Workshop on Smart Data Collection for CryoEM held at the New York Structural Biology Center on April 6–7, 2022. The goal of the workshop was to address next generation data collection strategies that integrate machine learning and real-time processing into the workflow to reduce or eliminate the need for operator intervention.




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