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Scher, Nadav / Rechav, Katya / Paul-Gilloteaux, Perrine / Avinoam, Ori. Sample preparation and image registration for correlative cryo-FM and cryo-FIB-SEM of plunge-frozen mammalian cells. 2022-03, STAR protocols, Vol. 3, p. 101142


We recently demonstrated how lipid droplets can serve as fiducials for correlating cryo-fluorescence microscopy (cryo-FM) and cryo-focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (cryo-FIB-SEM) datasets of mammalian cells grown on grids. Here we describe a step-by-step protocol for correlative cryo-FM and cryo-FIB-SEM, starting from sample preparation of C2C12 cell line, followed by imaging with cryo-FM and cryo-FIB-SEM. Finally, we detail how to perform the 3D-correlation with sub-micron accuracy. For complete details on the use and execution of this profile, please refer to Scher et al. (2021).




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