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Zheng, Shawn / Wolff, Georg / Greenan, Garrett / Chen, Zhen / Faas, Frank G. A. / Bárcena, Montserrat / Koster, Abraham J. / Cheng, Yifan / Agard, David A. AreTomo: An integrated software package for automated marker-free, motion-corrected cryo-electron tomographic alignment and reconstruction. 2022. J. Structural Biology X, Vol. 6, p. 100068


AreTomo, an abbreviation for Alignment and Reconstruction for Electron Tomography, is a GPU accelerated software package that fully automates motion-corrected marker-free tomographic alignment and reconstruction in a single package. By correcting in-plane rotation, translation, and importantly, the local motion resulting from beam-induced motion from tilt to tilt, AreTomo can produce tomograms with sufficient accuracy to be directly used for subtomogram averaging. Another major application is the on-the-fly reconstruction of tomograms in parallel with tilt series collection to provide users with real-time feedback of sample quality allowing users to make any necessary adjustments of collection parameters. Here, the multiple alignment algorithms implemented in AreTomo are described and the local motions measured on a typical tilt series are analyzed. The residual local motion after correction for global motion was found in the range of ± 80 Å, indicating that the accurate correction of local motion is critical for high-resolution cryo-electron tomography (cryoET).




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