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Dai, M. / Dong, Z. / Xu, K. / Zhang, Q. C. CryoRes: Local Resolution Estimation ofCryo-EM Density Maps by Deep Learning. 2023. J. Molecular Biology, Vol. 435, p. 168059


Recent progress in cryo-EM research has ignited a revolution in biological macromolecule structure determination. Resolution is an essential parameter for quality assessment of a cryo-EM density map, and it is known that resolution varies in different regions of a map. Currently available methods for local resolution estimation require manual adjustment of parameters and in some cases necessitate acquisition or de novo generation of so-called “half maps”. Here, we developed CryoRes, a deep-learning algorithm to estimate local resolution directly from a single final cryo-EM density map, specifically by learning resolutionaware patterns of density map voxels through supervised training on a large dataset comprising 1,174 experimental cryo-EM density maps. CryoRes significantly outperforms all of the state-of-the-art competing resolution estimation methods, achieving an average RMSE of 2.26 A for local resolution estimation relative to the currently most reliable FSC-based method blocres, yet requiring only the single final map as input. Further, CryoRes is able to generate a molecular mask for each map, with accuracy 12.12% higher than the masks generated by ResMap. CryoRes is ultra-fast, fully automatic, parameter-free, applicable to cryo-EM subtomogram data, and freely available at https://cryores.zhanglab.net.




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