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Dhakal, Ashwin / Gyawali, Rajan / Wang, Liguo / Cheng, Jianlin. A large expert-curated cryo-EM image dataset for machine learning protein particle picking. 2023. Scientific Data, Vol. 10, No. 1, p. 392


Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is a powerful technique for determining the structures of biological macromolecular complexes. Picking single-protein particles from cryo-EM micrographs is a crucial step in reconstructing protein structures. However, the widely used template-based particle picking process is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Though machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) based particle picking can potentially automate the process, its development is hindered by lack of large, high-quality labelled training data. To address this bottleneck, we present CryoPPP, a large, diverse, expert-curated cryo-EM image dataset for protein particle picking and analysis. It consists of labelled cryo-EM micrographs (images) of 34 representative protein datasets selected from the Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive (EMPIAR). The dataset is 2.6 terabytes and includes 9,893 high-resolution micrographs with labelled protein particle coordinates. The labelling process was rigorously validated through 2D particle class validation and 3D density map validation with the gold standard. The dataset is expected to greatly facilitate the development of both AI and classical methods for automated cryo-EM protein particle picking.




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