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Krieger, James M. / Sorzano, Carlos Oscar S. / Carazo, Jose Maria. Scipion-EM-ProDy: A Graphical Interface for the ProDy Python Package within the Scipion Workflow Engine Enabling Integration of Databases, Simulations and Cryo-Electron Microscopy Image Processing. 2023. Intl. J. of Molecular Sciences, Vol. 24, No. 18, p. 14245


Macromolecular assemblies, such as protein complexes, undergo continuous structural dynamics, including global reconfigurations critical for their function. Two fast analytical methods are widely used to study these global dynamics, namely elastic network model normal mode analysis and principal component analysis of ensembles of structures. These approaches have found wide use in various computational studies, driving the development of complex pipelines in several software packages. One common theme has been conformational sampling through hybrid simulations incorporating all-atom molecular dynamics and global modes of motion. However, wide functionality is only available for experienced programmers with limited capabilities for other users. We have, therefore, integrated one popular and extensively developed software for such analyses, the ProDy Python application programming interface, into the Scipion workflow engine. This enables a wider range of users to access a complete range of macromolecular dynamics pipelines beyond the core functionalities available in its command-line applications and the normal mode wizard in VMD. The new protocols and pipelines can be further expanded and integrated into larger workflows, together with other software packages for cryo-electron microscopy image analysis and molecular simulations. We present the resulting plugin, Scipion-EM-ProDy, in detail, highlighting the rich functionality made available by its development.




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