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Sharon, Guy / Shkolnisky, Yoel / Bendory, Tamir. Signal enhancement for two-dimensional cryo-EM data processing. 2023. Biological Imaging, Vol. 3, p. e7


Different tasks in the computational pipeline of single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) require enhancing the quality of the highly noisy raw images. To this end, we develop an efficient algorithm for signal enhancement of cryo-EM images. The enhanced images can be used for a variety of downstream tasks, such as two-dimensional classification, removing uninformative images, constructing ab initio models, generating templates for particle picking, providing a quick assessment of the data set, dimensionality reduction, and symmetry detection. The algorithm includes built-in quality measures to assess its performance and alleviate the risk of model bias. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm on several experimental data sets. In particular, we show that the quality of the resulting images is high enough to produce ab initio models of 10 Å resolution. The algorithm is accompanied by a publicly available, documented, and easy-to-use code.




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