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Short, J. M. / Palmer, C. M. / Burnley, T. / Winn, M. D. / Zhang, Q. / Venkataram Prasad, B. V. / Chen, S. / Crowther, R. A. / Unwin, P. N. T. / Henderson, R. MRC2020: improvements to Ximdisp and the MRC image-processing programs. 2023. IUCrJ, Vol. 10, No. 5


The great success of single-particle electron cryo-microscopy (cryoEM) during the last decade has involved the development of powerful new computer programs and packages that guide the user along a recommended processing workflow, in which the wisdom and choices made by the developers help everyone, especially new users, to obtain excellent results. The ability to carry out novel, non-standard or unusual combinations of image-processing steps is sometimes compromised by the convenience of a standard procedure. Some of the older programs were written with great flexibility and are still very valuable. Among these, the original MRC image-processing programs for structure determination by 2D crystal and helical processing alongside general-purpose utility programs such as Ximdisp, label, imedit and twofile are still available. This work describes an updated version of the MRC software package (MRC2020) that is freely available from CCP-EM. It includes new features and improvements such as extensions to the MRC format that retain the versatility of the package and make it particularly useful for testing novel computational procedures in cryoEM.




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